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You have come to the right place! With over 12 years web design experience, you can rest assured knowing you will be dealing with only the best.


Thanks for stopping by! We are a one-stop solution for your web design, web security, search engine optimisation, general technical support, DNS, new and existing server setups and ongoing maintenance, disaster recovery (planning and implementation), we also have extensive experience in cloud setups (such as storage and email).

We are...

There when you need us

We are always there when you need us the most. We offer 24/7 call out service as well for those frustrating out of business hour issues.

Cloud Ready

As technology changes, we adapt accordingly. Therefore, we are cloud-ready - whether it is e-mail or storage - we have you covered.

Customer Support

We strive for complete customer satisfaction. We understand statistically most people will take their business elsewhere due to a bad customer service experience.

Problem Solvers

We think logically and often out-of-the-box to get difficult tasks resolved.

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