Backup Solutions

Implementing a sound backup solution is imperative to the survival of your business.

Ask yourself, if I were to lose a day of data/work, what would that cost me? Then ask yourself, if I lost one year of work, what would that cost me? Now, what would happen if you lost 10 years of work? We hope those questions are of concern to you.

A backup solution should be automated, thorough, moved off-site, and as frequent as the business requires it. Simply pushing everything to the “cloud” is NOT a backup solution, as you are effectively trusting the third party provider, and what happens if have a catastrophic server failure? Where is your data? How much downtime would you have while they TRY to recover your information. This is why you SHOULD have your own disaster recovery and backup systems in place.

Click IT Services has helped many businesses to plan, execute and test systems which require weekly backups, all the way up to enterprise systems which require backups every 30 seconds.

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