Personal Website Hosting

Finding a reliable, FAST, yet cost-effective Australian Website hosting can be quite a task. Click IT Services has spent years developing a custom hosting solution which has proven to do just that (reliable, FAST and cost-effective).

We have test benchmarks (reports available upon request) where we were able to easily handle over 25,000 users at ONE time on a wordpress website, compared to standard cPanel hosting which would barely be able to handle 10-15.

Looking for cPanel hosting?

Do you prefer cPanel hosting? If so, no problem, we do offer cPanel hosting, the pricing is similar but obviously the performance will be nothing comparable.


of users will abandon a website if it takes more than 7 seconds to load, and 60% will never return.


of websites run using insecure, clunky, generic software which is simply slowing down your website.

Enterprise SSD Storage

SSD storage are faster and much more reliable compared to traditional mechanical storage which is commonly used by other providers.

Sydney Based Servers

We spent a long time building our network to ensure the best connectivity.

NGINX Servers

NGINX is an extremely fast and reliable webserver.

Hourly Offsite Backups

We take backups seriously, that’s why we backup everything, every hour.

What makes our hosting different?

We utilising a completely custom hosting platform. It is secure, fast, reliable and utilises the latest technologies!


We choose NGINX because of it’s amazing ability to serve content significantly faster than any other webserver, furthermore, it can handle massive amounts of concurrent users.


MariaDB is a direct replacement for MySQL with significant performance benefits. After extensive testing, we chose MariaDB over all other SQL servers.


A lot of servers are still using PHP 5.x on their servers. This is scary for many reasons. PHP 7 is the latest version which offers performance and security improvements. In tests conducted it has been proven that PHP 7 is more than 300x faster than PHP 5.x