Website Re-Design

Alarming statistics has been released in early 2017: on average, most websites are being re-designed every 4-5 years. The reason this is scary is because technology changes. Google is constantly updating their complex algorithms and some of their metrics are the technology standards which are being utilised. This is a problem especially if your website is running outdated standards. Not only is the ranking a major issue, but the security side of things… hackers love outdated websites as it’s very easy to attack! The same reason why windows computers are now automatically updated every day.

Another issue is, we are in a modern era of mobile devices. Most older websites are now mobile friendly and hence your credibility often goes out the window when a customer tries to access your website from their mobile device and it simply does not work, or looks terrible!

At Click IT Services, since 2008 we have been helping many get a fresh, professional and modern design. Furthermore, all of our websites utilise the latest technology, standards and security practices to ensure a secure and reliable website for years to come. We ensure all our websites look GREAT on mobile devices (the tech term is “responsive design”.

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